About the company

Modern production is impossible without maximum automation of labor, which allows increasing production quantity and reducing its cost. This makes it possible to increase the competitiveness of the enterprise to maximize profits, and hence the funds for further development of production. The solution to this problem is successfully engaged in the design and production enterprise, LLC “INDUSTRIAL TECHNOLOGICAL LINES” (Intechlines).

Enterprise is in constant development – improvement of products and presenting new ones, based on a thorough analysis of similar products manufactured by leading companies, as well as conceptualization of our own designs. Intechlines is working on modernization and upgrade of processing equipment and process optimization.

The company, along with the final products, produces a wide range of components to equipments on per request by customers. Also Intechlines launched production of technological systems for individual orders, taking into account operation conditions and characteristics of technological processes.

Our company is engaged in the introduction of new technologies in the field of repair, installation and restoration of industrial equipment. We work with companies of various industries and provide the optimum technological solution for each problem.

Modernization of the production cycle or expansion of production types is always associated with demand for equipment that ideally suit to perform a specific task or exactly dedicated to the dimensions of the selected business. Often, this is an impossible task due to the low production capacity and/or incapability of the equipment to the specified assignments. Our company will help you get rid of such problems once and for all! We produce almost any industrial equipment on per order by customers. Our skilled engineers, those who are capable of performing complex technical operations required in the production process, develop and implement a project of any construction at your company. Professional designing, based on comprehensive analysis by our company, enables to solve a wide range of issues associated with the production, setting and start-up of the equipment. Thanks to the high level of expertise and extensive experience of professional staff, LLC “INDUSTRIAL TECHNOLOGICAL LINES” ensures exact completion of planned projects by customers.