Drip irrigation

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Automatic drip - drip irrigation of plants is carried out without the help of man, that is automatically adjusted volume of water goes directly to the roots of the plants at the right time .

The advantages of such a system are:

- Drip irrigation system eliminates the monotonous daily work

- Savings ( 60 % water, 40 % minerals)

- Uniform distribution of water

- Absence of excessive humidity, negligible evaporation of water

- Effective moisturizing and specified feeding at the right time in the roots.

- Automatic drip irrigation reduces the risk of fungus on plants - the water goes directly into the ground, rather than flowers, leaves, roots and fruits

- The optimum ratio of oxygen and water in the soil

- Automatic irrigation system reduces the crop growing period

- Increased productivity

- Drip irrigation in greenhouses guarantees a minimum quantity of weeds, unlike other types, drip-irrigation just waters the plant and not surrounding

- The device provides continuous drip irrigation

- Ability irrigating with warm water

- Equipment for drip irrigation eliminates splashing mud - water is supplied without pressure

- When using salt water , water flows into the ground and no sediment is collected on the plants.


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